April 26, 2012


Travelling is one of my passion, thus why me and my sista created this site called WisataSeru or Fun Exciting Travelling in English.

While we are travelling, lots of things need to be prepared, ie: passport, visa, hotels/accommodation, tranportation, places to visit, foods to eat, the language, the culture, etc. Owh, and don’t forget to bring your camera along.

I enjoy travelling alone or in a group. I enjoy every single second time whenever I go for a travelling. I enjoy every single little thing, either good or bad, I enjoy and cherish all of them. :)

Btw, whenever you wanna go alone or in a small group and you want to go as a BACKPACKER, than you can book your hostel here. It’s a very recommended site and trustable for backpackers.

If you have more budget, and wanna stay at hotels, than you can book your room(s) hotels here :)

And off course whenever you go on a trip, it is necessary to get a discounted attraction ticket :) Check it out!


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