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Sophia is someone who loves traveling and has a passion for the people. Find out more about her and her life journey here!

Wisata Seru

One of the the website she created with her siblings is Wisata Seru We shared about the foods we ate and places we traveled and culture that amazed us. It's in Bahasa Indonesia, but yes, you can contact us should you want to know more about the particular food, places or culture.

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Sophia and her sister are bloggers whose interests are in Gourmet, Places, and Cultures especially in Singapore and Jakarta (Indonesia). We receive invitation and sponsorship.

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Sophia loves traveling and has passion for people and design

You can follow her instagram/twitter/facebook at sophianovita

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Change is the only constant in life!

When I heard that quote for the very first time in my life, I did and still agree that indeed, change is the only constant in life! It was quoted...


Bhutan – a place where you might find your soul back

Bhutan - a journey where you might find your soul back to peace.


Bandung Insight from the Insider – Trip to Bandung #03

On the third series of Trip to Bandung, finally we are in Bandung! Back in its heydays, Bandung earned the moniker ‘Parijs van Java’ (Paris of Java). Even today, it continues to be a city of fashion, culinary, music and arts! Blessed with a very spacious land, West Java produces the world’s best tea, coffee and other crops. Not only blessed with the rich commodities, Bandung also blessed with various nature resources and scenery that surely can soothe your weary souls. Check it out!


On Board with AirAsia Singapore – Trip to Bandung #02

Hi there Following my earlier blog here, after we finished with our online booking we need to do Check-In. IF we just follow the instruction printed in our ticket, it...


Singapore-Bandung Escapade with AirAsiaSingapore – Trip to Bandung #01

During the haze period, I was blessed with a chance to go Bandung in a 3D2N Short Getaway with OMY Bloggers and AirAsiaSingapore. AirAsia have a lot of flight destination...


OMY – Insight from Bloggers @*Scape

Sunday, 9 June 2013 – 3.30PM It was my first time joining the sharing session by the OMY. I found it very interesting, and indeed i learnt something from the...


I won a pair of tickets to Gold Coast

I was inside the classroom when I saw an unknown number called me. I planned to give it a call during the break. However, because I was enjoying my time...


If ever those heroes of faith run one lap with you, what will they say to you…

It was a great revelation and teaching I’ve got from Dr John C Maxwell. Noah, when he runs a lap with you, he will says, ” One man can make...



Obeying God is one thing that He want to teach me recently. I have been reminded about this word “obey” and am trying to find out what is this term...

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