About SN

This website has a purpose to serve and empower the people in wisdom, knowledge and skills. There will be a section for Q&A later on. But for now, lemme introduce who is sophianovita’s owner :)

Sophia Novita is a woman that has passion in good design, children, people and God.

She has a dream to have her own villages, whereby she can empower the people with knowledge, wisdom and skills; also in the same time she would like to contribute to the society as well as to the country.

She is an Indonesian. She understands English, Indonesian, Javanese (is a must hehe) and a bit Chinese, and verrrryyyyyyy little Korean.

Oya, I need to tell you something, the website is still in progress…errr…a long progress i think…but i believe it will surely come to pass. Coz, this website is part of my dreams!

I might not be able to build my own physical village/community now, but i can start with the virtual one. May I?


♥ sophia novita ♥