Do you need a Travel Insurance?


I was exposed to a Travel Insurance when I was working in the Travel Agency. As a Tour Leader, I was obliged to have a travel insurance whenever I was on tour. Not only that, it is compulsory for the tour consultant to advise their client to purchase the travel insurance, though it is not necessary to obtain one from the agency. For a savvy traveller, they usually have their annual travel insurance.

I didn’t like the idea back then since I have never experienced disruption during my many trips. However, as I travel more frequently, I begin to see it as a need.


I still remember vividly, one of the tour leaders, being my client, contacted me last year during her December trip. She experienced luggage delay despite flying with non-budget airlines in Taiwan. I advised her to keep all the necessary documents and assisted her once she is back to Singapore.

She managed to claim around $800.


That same December, another client was trapped in the storm snow made him experience a flight delay.

He managed to claim around $900 for the inconvenient caused.

While there are many other stories out there, including the one I had recently, I think it is necessary to spend a little bit cost to have a coverage while you are travelling. And leave our worries behind.

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