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For those haven’t tried airbnb, you can make use of SGD $50 AirBNB Voucher by clicking the link below:

What is actually AirBNB?

It’s a platform for those looking for more to local experience rather than a normal stay at hotel. You can experience the interaction with the local people and meeting with some other new friends along the way.  Some of the host will even provide some breakfast and dinner for us. And off course it will be a local taste – most of the time. 😀

I’ve tried it few times, and it always a delightful experience. So, the next time you are travelling with friends or family, you can try to book your room or even 1 unit on your own via AirBNB. Don’t forget to redeem your voucher here:

Have fun!!!!


Buat teman-teman yang belum pernah pake AirBNB, bisa coba deh daftar pake link di bawah, dan kamu akan dapat voucher diskon senilai SGD $50



Apa itu AirBNB?

Merupakan website dimana ada orang yang menyewakan kamar atau bahkan rumahnya, sehingga kita dapat merasakan tinggal di rumah orang lokal ketika kita bepergian :)

Asiknya, bisa merasakan gimana sih orang2 lokal di negara atau tempat yang kita datangi dan bahkan kadang2 tuan rumah bisa menyediakan sarapan dan makan malem untuk kita.

Next trip, cobain deh! Dan jangan lupa redeem credit sebesar SGD$50 dari sini:



Below are the pictures from one of the best AirBNB place that I went to.

Breakfast facing the fireplace

Breakfast facing the fireplace


Our friendly host

Our friendly host preparing our bread for breakfast :D


the dream house <3

the dream house <3

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