A Change in a Friendship, is it good or bad?


a call came in to my Whatsapp*

Friend (f) : Sophia, how are you doing now? Are you still in Singapore?
Me (s) : Yes, I am still in Singapore. I am doing fine here, how about you? It’s such a long time never heard anything from you. It seems like you were being kidnapped by E.T.
(f): Hahaha..I have been busy recently. Anyway, I am in Changi Airport now!
(s): What? Say what? What are you doing here? Let’s meet up if you do have time! We should updates each other! I miss you liao!
(f): Yeahhh same here. I am waiting for my other friend to fetch me.
(s): Then let’s meet up first lah …(laughing)
(f): omo…your laughing is still the same ya…
(s): What do you expect then? haha…I’ll see you later!

It’s been more than 10 years, maybe 15 years…..that I have not seen him. He was one of my closest friend. We were arguing about things, helping each other in life, gossiping about things, worshipping God together, traveling to a mission together. But you know, a lot of things have happened. Time flies. We lost contact. 

It’s still the same voice speaking the same way back then. He did mention that he changed – in term of physical features. However, since it is the same voice, the visual came into my mind is the old-him. So, I got a little bit shock when I finally saw him in person.


When I was younger, I tend to think that friendship will last forever and nothing will change. I really mean it (last time).

I thought, we will stay as the bestest friend as long as the earth still moving, as long as the sun still rising. Nevertheless, that is not the case.

People change. We are changing. I am changed. So is my friend. Eventually, it will leads to a change in our friendship.

I heard this so much, that  “Change is the only constant in life“.

Thus whether we like it or not, change will still be happening. So, we need a new skill to embrace the change, as not to judge others quickly on what we assume.


How to embrace the change without getting a shock like I did?

  • I think, first thing first, we need to understand that indeed change is the only constant in life. 
  • Secondly, not to assume so much and crafting a prejudice in our mindset.
  • Thirdly, accept that people are different, so when there was such a changing in others, you can accept it.

Lemme know what you have in mind by dropping a comment below 😉


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