How do you improve your EDGERANK on Facebook?

Have you ever heard about edgerank?

Edge Rank is an algorithm used by Facebook and  responsible for displaying all posts on Facebook and also indirectly for posting sponsored content (it is more likely that we would see posts from a brand that we interact with). It consists of three components which describe Page/Friend Rank in relation to us, namely the user.

That three components are:

  • Affinity
  • Weight
  • Time – Decay

Basically, edgerank is important if you want to be exposed in the newsfeed.

So, how do you improve your page’s edgerank on Facebook?

Herewith 6 tips and statistic straight from Facebook.

  1. Keep it short
  2. Be Visual
  3. Ask for what you want
  4. Post Daily
  5. Be Relevant but Not Pushy
  6. Be Timely

You can read more details in the following infographic. Hope it helps !


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