6 years is not a very long time …yet is not a short time
Without knowing it, I have been living in Singapore for more than 6 years.

There was an ups and down in my life
There was happy moment and sad moment
There was a normal moment and CRAZY moment as well
There was so many things happened

One thing that I want to cherish are the friends that came into my life and now become a family for life.

I know that we may not be together forever


I know that we can always keep in touch
I know that we can always keep encouraging one another
I know that we can always love each other
I know that we can always communicating
I know that you will always be there for me

ICG07 – you are my treasure..
indeed I want us to grow together in good and bad time

With love,
Ruth Sophia
Singapore – 19th May 2014