My dream wedding


Nope, I am not getting married any soon…but I would love to someday when I met my prince charming. Oops!

I forgot that there is no prince charming! There is only a princess that dare enough to kiss the frog so that he can change become a prince charming! :)


So, why do I start to write this post? It’s because one day, one of my ‘daughter’ asked me, “Mommy, what kind of wedding banquet that you would love to have?” . It was somehow triggered me to think! I was never really give a thought of it though.

Usually I will just simply reply, “a simple wedding party with close relatives and best friends.”

However as I replied her, then I was being reminded, that even I want to invite only my closest relatives, it won’t be simple anymore. There will be at least 10 tables have to be reserved for my relative from my Dad’s side, and maybe 5 more tables from my mom’s side. 

Haven’t invited my best friend from school, university, and churches! **Yes, it is churches, coz I have to invite my Surabaya’s Church friend (ROL) and my CHC friend**

Then, it won’t be simple anymore I guess. So, maybe it’s time to think a realistic wedding banquet :D
I do still want to keep it as simple as it is somehow!

So, here we go!

  1. I would like to have the venue on the cliff facing sea!

    Wedding Couple on cliff - courtesy by http://weddingplanning4u.blogspot.sg/

    :D It won’t be as extreme as the above picture though :D

    It might be something as beautiful as per followed:

    Photo courtesy of - http://thesanctus.com/event/eventbykana

    or might be something like this:

    Photo courtesy of - http://www.weddingguideasia.com/wed/real-wedding-a-magical-phuket-wedding/

    I think it should be simple enough rite? :D
    Why facing the sea? Because I love to hear the sound of the ocean waves, and also i love to embrace and smell the sea wind! It might be because I am growing up in the coastline!

  2. I must wear KEBAYA! #iloveindonesia #akucintaindonesia
    I never really think of it before, but kebaya just awesome, sexy and stunning! I know Cheong Sam could be as awesome, sexy and stunning as well! But i love the details of indonesian kebaya! Especially when I start to browse from my Pinterest!They are awesome!See how beautiful they are?

    White Indonesia Kebaya

    Kebaya Pastel Color

    OMO - I love those details!


    So pretty the combination of gold and pink!

    I don’t know about you, but for me, I am in love with Indonesian culture and art even more now!
    That’s make me proud to be Indonesian! #still #iloveindonesia

    :D by VeraKebaya

    I can’t get enough of the Kebaya ^^

  3. Events?? I haven’t think about it now, maybe later when I already got some ideas, I will update you again. Basically I just wanna spend the whole night spending time with my beloved ones! Yes, it’s you! I would love to hear from my friends about us, their blessings for us, their voices for us! :D
  4. How about food?
    I will go with anything :) since I love to eat good foods, as long as it is delicious, I would love to have it! :)
  5. What else?
    Invitation ? Wedding Theme? Photographer? Videographer? I have lots of my favorite one! But let us decide it when the time is due!

So, I think that’s wrap my Wedding Dreams! #atleastfornow

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