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Sunday, 9 June 2013 – 3.30PM

It was my first time joining the sharing session by the OMY. I found it very interesting, and indeed i learnt something from the other bloggers.

Five of the chosen bloggers to experience macau shared the tips and tricks to get a travelling photo that stands out of the crowd.

Some of the conclusion I have are the following:

  • try to shoot from different perspective or angle
  • try to give some pattern or distinctive structure in the picture
  • try to shoot in details
  • contrast might give you dramatic scene
  • local people can give more interesting point in your shot
  • do some research in advance about the location to have the best shot (you can use google map street view to do so) *thanks to google map*
  • you might have a pre-planned story board after doing some research, thus your picture can tell story
  • stay beautiful! but use your most comfortable shoes nevertheless :)

I got some new tips and trick to be applied for my next photo shoot! :)

Oya, because it was a sharing session from OMY together with Macau Government Tourist Office, guess what they provide for the enlightenment!

You are right!

Delicacies from Macau! from the famous portuguese egg tart, egg roll, and pork chop bun! It really makes me wanna go to Macau again! On top of that, I still got some souvenirs from MGTO. Thanks to MGTO and OMY.


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