I won a pair of tickets to Gold Coast

I was inside the classroom when I saw an unknown number called me. I planned to give it a call during the break.
However, because I was enjoying my time with my classmate, i forgot to give a call back to the unknown number. And my phone was still in silence mode.

Suddenly my friend said to me that there is an incoming call. I pick it up. And to my surprise, the lady over the phone said that I won a pair of tickets to Gold Coast.

I was like, “are you kidding me?”

haha. fyi, this is my very first time I have won such a contest.

I still cannot believe what I heard until i got an email and the redemption letter. And my friend spot the above banner and sent it to me :)

I believe that this is an early birthday present given by God to me…and my mom.

YES, i am going with my mum. She already said yes!

Woohoooo! I am so looking forward to share my trips there with you

♥ sophia

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